Monday, March 26, 2012

My weekend.

I stopped at Target on my way home from work on Friday and saw this…


Look familiar? It may be a stretch, but to me it’s eerily reminiscent of a mega version of my DIY mobile! I think Target’s marketing team & I are on the same wave-length. :)


I also picked up a super cute green tea kettle on clearance. It may be weird to say this about a tea kettle, but I seriously love it. It’s so cute! {And it will be even cuter when we finally get around to adding butcher block countertop & green mosaic tile backsplash…someday.}


Eugene’s baseball team had their first game/double header of the season. I’m so proud of this coach. They won the first game & lost the second in 9 innings. He was pleased with how well they played, which makes me happy too.


After watching the first game, I scooted out to a bachelorette party for one of my college volleyball teammates. I laughed a ton & enjoyed catching up with friends. And the little one went crazy {moved a ton} the whole time because of the music, loud laughing, and girly yelling. I’m sure she was just wanting to join in on the girl’s night out. ;)


We enjoyed a really good church service. Our church just got a new pastor, and he’s done a really great job already. So challenging. I wrote the scripture from today’s sermon on my kitchen chalkboard as a reminder for this week…

Eugene & I enjoyed lunch at my parents’ place. I asked my dad to snap a picture since we really don’t have many {any?} photos of us together since I’ve been pregnant…

He makes me happy too, a little more than my tea kettle. ;)


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