Monday, March 19, 2012

Dominican art.

When Eugene & I went on our luna de miel {honeymoon} in the Dominican Republic, we didn’t spend much on souvenirs. We spent our pesos on horseback & 4-wheeling excursions, the bed & breakfast, the beach, and food rather than trinkets that we didn’t really have room to pack for our return anyway.




Oh my word, looking at those pictures makes me want to jump on a plane right now. It was heavenly there. HEAVENLY!

Okay, back to Ohio. Although we didn’t buy much in the DR, we did snag three small paintings. They’re bright, colorful & unique {sounds like my style, huh.}

I cleaned up our basement the other day & found the paintings. They don’t really “go” anywhere in our new house, but it made me sad to see them boxed up, so I decided maybe the little one would enjoy the colors & culture. ;)

Eugene & I picked out the spot together – we agreed that we didn’t want it to be the main focus or even really noticeable, since they’re kind of different paintings. But we love the idea of having them displayed. So the little wall/corner next to the closet & door seemed the ideal spot…



{Yes, the bathroom’s still demolished. Eugene’s going to tackle that on his Spring Break.}


And here they are displayed {don’t mind the scary-looking bathroom!}…



How fun is that?! Like I said, unique.

I have lots of fun projects to blog about {DIY bed skirt, reupholstered chairs, DIY crib sheet}, but I just have to find time to sit down & write them. We have so much to do before the little one arrives in less than 3 months! Such an exciting time for us…we’re so blessed.


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