Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DIY hooded towel.

I made a couple of these hooded towels for some precious baby boys. After reviewing a bunch of different tutorials and trying the process out once, I improved the process the second time around & it was much easier. Here’s the final process in a nutshell using 1 hand towel & 1 body towel.

Here’s the hand towel…


I folded it in half horizontally {hamburger style} ;)


And sewed the sides {where my hand is}, leaving the top in the photo above open…


Then you lay it back on the table as in this photo, except your sides will be sewn shut…


You take the corner where my hand is, and tuck it diagonally into the opposite corner to get this…


Then you simply flatten out the triangle/re-fold it to get this…


Now you want to pin the hand towel/hood onto the center top of your body towel


And sew it together slowly {it’s thick with all that fabric, so it helps to be careful as you do this step}…


So then you’re left with the basic hooded towel…



I wanted a bit more pizazz to the towel, so I cut out the baby’s initial. “J” for Jonah!


I used pinking shears to cut it so that it won’t ravel in the wash. I used a zig-zag stitch to sew on the “J”…


Not perfect, just homemade…


Here’s the final product…


I like that the towels are so much bigger than the baby hooded towels you buy in the store. I think I need to make one for my little one too, {although I can’t do an initial because we still haven’t decided on her name!}



  1. I bought a hand towel that is 16 x 30 inches. Is that ok?

  2. Very cute! I loooove the initial sewn on.
    I'm planning on making some hooded or personalized towels for my kiddos to give them this Christmas (yes I'm planning ahead already!) If it's personalized, they can't fight over it, and if it goes along to daycare for swimming days, the teachers will always know who's it is!

    Personally, I'd use a hand towel that's the same color. But I can appreciate how some mama's like the pop of color and pattern that the hand towel gives (we're a more simple family tho). Very nice, thanks for sharing!

  3. can I, in theory, cut my hand towel in half and be able to use it for two different towels?


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