Thursday, March 15, 2012


I don’t have much to blog about today. I just finished reupholstering two chairs, but I don’t have the photos edited yet. So I thought I’d just share some things that have been giving me joy lately.

I have a special small group of women who I meet with twice a month. This month we’ve set it as our goal to be intentional about finding joy in daily life. Not surprisingly, I’ve had at least four {if not more} devotions that “just happen” to be about joy the last two weeks. God is cool like that. I love it when he brings the same topic back to me through devotions and scriptures. So, JOY it is. :)


Here’s just a small list of things that have been filling me with joy the last few days:

  • my bulbs are blooming purple, yellow, and white in front of our house
  • the pup & I have had lots of quality time walking outside in the beautiful weather
  • speaking of weather, this sunshine & vitamin D are instant happiness
  • nice texts from friends/family who are randomly thinking of me
  • {new} windows open
  • my Little One moving around all day, reminding me she’s there & safe
  • funfetti cake
  • facetime with my sister & niece {watching my niece show me her belly & laugh}
  • pretty Easter eggs
  • my husband rubbing my hugely swollen feet
  • seeing how happy Eugene is because baseball is in full swing
  • family who are supportive & excited to meet the Little One
  • answered prayers for friends
  • taking the pup to the baseball field to run like crazy


There’s so much to be joyful about in my life. :)

“Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!”

Philippians 4:4


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