Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Miracle product.

I bought this “anti-pull” mesh harness for the pup a couple days ago for around $12. I’ve only used it three times, but I need share that this thing is a miracle product so far!


Besides locking myself & the pup out of the house by accident {pregnancy brain?} when I took him on the first walk with this, we had a fantastic experience. When I took the pup to the vet when he was sick recently, someone in the waiting room was talking about their amazing experience with her dog and a harness. I decided this was something I needed to investigate.

Espn has always pulled on the leash, ever since we first got him as a puppy. We worked with him a bunch on it, and we’ve taken him on regular walks, but no matter how hard I tried to train him, he still managed to pull.

Well, not anymore! I don’t know how it works, or if it’s just something mental for the pup, but he doesn’t even have the leash stretched all the way when we walk now. It’s fabulous! I was worried about continuing to take him on walks now that I’m getting bigger with my pregnancy, but I have no fears with this anymore. Definitely worth the twelve bucks.

I know this is a pretty boring topic to post on, but I wish someone would have told me to try this sooner. So for all ya’ll out there with bigger pups who pull…give it a shot!


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