Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Half-bath demo.

The little half bath that’s connected to the baby’s room is dire need of a reno. And unfortunately, the first step to the reno is a demo. I know all the TV shows make it seem like demo is so much fun, but I personally really dislike demoing. Really don’t enjoy it a bit. It seems so counterproductive to make something look so much worse and dirtier, but I know it’s just a step in the process.

Here’s a refresher of the little space prior to any demo. Basically the only thing we did when we moved in was to replace the toilet. Well, that and to use it as a storage place for a sink, light, and shelving unit…



The sink and mirror desperately needed to go…



I removed the mirror/medicine cabinet with just a few screws, and removed the sink. Biggest thing to remember about removing the sink was to shut off the hot and cold water pipes. Other than that it was pretty much common sense; just unscrewing a few precise nuts so that it would just pull off. Eugene then ripped out the cabinet.


We used a crow bar and a hammer to wedge into the molding, baseboards, and cardboard “tile” on the walls and rip it off piece by piece.




That’s some pretty nice flooring, huh. {Sarcasm.}

So when we ripped the cardboard tile off the wall, we discovered some interesting things. Not to build this up…it’s not nearly as entertaining as my discovery of the evergreen trees and coyotes in our other bathroom. But for some reason, there were numerous {at least 7} random holes in the drywall behind the “tile.” See this….


We can’t figure it out. Why are these holes here? There’s nothing behind the wall, so no apparent reason. Eh, oh well. We did figure out that two of the holes were old toilet paper roll holders or soap holders…we think. Oh, and we found out that 1 1/2 of the walls were originally ceramic tiles. Somewhere along the way the tiles were removed. A few of the tiles still remain where the pipes from the sink connect to the walls. Nice, huh.


The floor’s coming up okay too. I’ve been using a putty knife to peel the tiles up. It takes some patience, but it works.


We got quite a bit of the demo completed. Nothing quite like using a toilet for a ladder. Hey, whatever works.


And not only does it look like a tornado went through our bathroom, but for a brief moment, our front yard did too!


Yucky, foreclosed sink. Really happy to have it gone!


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