Thursday, February 9, 2012

Twenty-two weeks.

I’m twenty-two weeks pregnant now. My belly has changed {grown} so much in the last two weeks. I’m now getting a comment here and there from strangers asking when I’m due. Our daughter’s around 1 lb now, which is crazy to me. How can I gain 10 lbs and she’s only 1 lb of it?! Fascinating stuff.

Feeling tons of movement, especially to music. And for some reason, the last two weeks I’ve craved baked-goods and sweets hardcore. Pre-pregnancy, I was a 100% dessert kind of girl, but the second I got pregnant, all desserts became repulsive to me…until week 20. Life Savers, brownies, cookies, cake – yes please!

22 weeks

Oh, and my baby girl had a crazy past 5 days. She met 50 or so NATO members, and then with less than 24 hours notice, we coordinated a rally for Newt Gingrich at one of my work’s venues on Tuesday. C.R.A.Z.Y. days. However, I’ll be sure to tell her someday that a Presidential Candidate asked when she was due! ;)

Canon 037b

I’m not sure how she is feeling after those 5 days, but man am I exhausted! My poor body is not quite as resilient as it was 5 months ago, but I’ll take every minute of the soreness – she’s oh so worth it. :)


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