Monday, February 27, 2012

Roadside changing table {part I}.

I’ve mentioned my changing table quite a bit, but I’ve never given you all the details. About a year and a half ago, I was taking the pup on his daily walks because we were living in a condo without a fenced area for him. On our walk, I noticed a wooden classic-style changing table sitting by the curb, waiting for the garbage truck to come. I wasn’t pregnant, not trying, but I was really craving a renovation-type of project because I wasn’t allowed to paint or do hardly any remodeling in our rented condo. I figured the free changing table would be a good outlet to release my weird desire to prett-ify {is that a G.W. Bush-ism?} something. So I rushed back to the condo, drove back to the treasure site, and threw the freebie in my car.

It had thick cardboard shelves that I removed.


I sanded the beast and failed to even consider priming it. Or maybe I was just too lazy and didn’t care.


And from almost two years ago, I knew if I ever had a nursery, I wanted it to have bright orange in it…so here’s the blindly bright orange I picked. It’s a Disney brand color, but I don’t know exactly what it’s called. {Sorry.}



Many coats on our tiny condo balcony later…


And months and months later, here it is in the in-progress nursery sans shelves…

Canon 016

Canon 017

Canon 014

Okay, part II tomorrow will be about the shelves. Sounds riveting, huh. Well, let’s just say there’s a colorful twist added. ;)


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  1. I love that you found this and painted it before you were even pregnant. I would've done the same thing..what a find. My fiance and I found an adorable little kid size vintage Samsonite table and folding chairs at an estate sale last year. They only wanted $20 bucks for the set so we snapped it up, and now it sits...we're not even married yet, but I can totally picture our future son or daughter playing at that little table :)


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