Monday, February 20, 2012

Bonfire in February.

This weekend, it was actually nice enough to have a bonfire…in February…in Ohio!

I boxed up all the food for the fire and took it outside.


Eugene invited his brother and sisters over, and the pup was in outdoor heaven!


No folks, it’s not late Summer. Hot dogs on the fire, baked beans, chips, fruit, and brownies with whip cream as frosting {my new favorite dessert}, and friends laughing at/with each other…wondrous things, without a doubt!



  1. We just made chocolate diet cake (cake mix with 1 can diet coke) and mixed sugar free cool whip and sugar free box pudding (after it was made) together as the "frosting." 205 calories and it's delicious! (Not that you need to watch your calories!)

  2. Kelly, that sounds fantastic! Glad the diet cake is making someone else happy too! ;) Thanks for sharing...I'll have to try that "frosting."


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