Monday, February 13, 2012

A Witt weekend.

Saturday was the banner ceremony recognizing the Wittenberg Volleyball team for winning the National Championship this year. The alums were invited back to be recognized for providing the foundation to reach the goal. It wasn’t necessary to recognize us, but it was really appreciated that they did. We all cared and still care so much about that program and team and, for many if not all of us, winning the championship this year was a huge achievement that felt just ever so slightly “ours” too. :)

My classmates and I met up a bit early to exchange some long-overdue Christmas gifts, catch up on life, and smash some food {just like old times, ha!} We had some “to die for” cupcakes…that’s literally the shop’s name, and it’s neighboring shop is a cemetery tomb-stone store. A little creepy, but man they were good!


One reason I love these girls is because I can always count on them to share desserts with me. It’s a given – dessert is a must and we’ll all eat some of it so there’s less guilt in devouring the entire thing!

We also enjoyed some of Paco’s salsa and veggies. I killed the carrots; for some reason, those have been really hitting the spot the last few months.


We were missing one friend, but it was so great to see these beauties again. Love them!


After our little get together, we went to the local hot-spot Mike & Rosey’s for dinner and then to the Witt vs. Wooster rival basketball game.


The banner ceremony was at halftime…


It was really neat to see how many alums returned to share in the celebration.


Ahh, that looks good…


The whole team pic {from our local newspaper}…


It was a definite wondrous thing to get to hang out and catch up with all these friends again…


Tigers pride!


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  1. Man, Mike and Rosey's sounds so good now. Roast beef with provolone! mmmm!


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