Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The little one is one year old.

A year ago today, the little one was just a half hour old. {See the birth story here.} Oh how much she has touched our lives in such a short time.


Eugene & I prayed that she would be a happy & healthy baby, and that God would use her to bring joy to people around her. It’s been incredible how He has answered that prayer to a “t.” She is funny, silly, affectionate, friendly, loving, intelligent, caring, and exudes joy. Everyone she comes in contact with seems to immediately grin & melt at her happy wave or lovable hug.




I understand why moms say birthdays are bittersweet. Sad that time has passed so quickly, happy for the beautiful growing child. I’m mainly just overwhelmed with appreciation for a full year with my blessing. I feel like all is on loan to us from God, and He determines the length of time I get with those I love. I’m tearfully grateful for a whole year of getting to know my incredible daughter. She’s amazing, and this year is a pure blessing.




Thank you, God, for the her birthday. Such an answered prayer. Such an incredible gift.


Happy first birthday to you, sweet Little One. You are a true joy.


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