Monday, June 24, 2013


It’s been a while since I dumped some of my Instagram/phone pics here. Guess it’s that time again. Again, most of these are my “wondrous things” of the day.

I don’t get to run very often, but when I do, I love my view…

image (3)

Workin’ it on a Saturday night. We had around 6 weddings at 6 different venues this evening. Pretty…

image (4)

Girl knows how to rock a purple rocking chair…


We took2 Dada out to his favorite breakfast spot for Father’s Day. These two are twins…

image_1 (2)

She loves trying to put on her shoes. This particular morning, she kept handing me two different shoes to put on her. Silly girl…


We got prettied-up for photos at our church in the morning, then I savored an hour of lazy quietness with my girl sleeping on me on a late Saturday morning…

image_1 (3)

The little one chilling with her Great Grandma Dottie {drinking iced tea, not beer, ha!}…

image_2 (3)

She thought she was pretty hot stuff on this toy at her great grandma’s…

image_3 (3)

I think I may have posted this one before, but she’s obsessed with her coup. Obsessed. She doesn’t go anywhere in it, just climbs in the door, sits down, and gets out again and then repeats that process for an hour. Obsessed.


I love the evenings that I get to take walks with these two best buds…

image_4 (2)

Eugene & my best friend, Libby, brought all three babies to a restaurant to meet me after work and our church small group for dinner. What a sight to see the three chillins all crammed into the backseat!


How’s this for some sweaty bedhead? Love her crazy nap/morning hair…

image_5 (2)

She’s a walking machine & never going back to her signature scoot

photo 1

We were enjoying the sun & her kiddie pool when she wanted a hug and some cuddling. I never turn down cuddles, but this time it might leave some interesting tan lines!

image_6 (2)

Little girl in a tankini {adorable.} She loves seriously loves all dogs.

photo 3

I think she looks like a little fairy here. In addition to her coup and dogs, she also loves these pinwheels. I put some up for her birthday, and oh boy, she was in heaven!

photo 2

So there you have it, a completely random dump of pictures from my phone. Probably an challenging post for those who prefer order and sense, but I want my blog to be a keepsake for my memories {phone pics included} regardless of how out-of-order “themeless” they may be! :)


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