Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cute as a button & so much fun.

I broke the rules and threw the little one a rather large birthday part. “They” say that the first birthday party should be low-key and include only a few people; however, we were finishing most of our house renovations – mainly our kitchen – and we haven’t had anyone over since we moved in {since the house was always torn apart for some DIY project.} Luckily, the little one has been to many, many family functions with Eugene’s family that involved lots of people, so she was comfortable with a crowd.

I went with a “cute as a button” theme. Seemed appropriate since the little one loves pointing at her button light, and I liked the colorful theme. Her invitation said: “Cute as a button & so much fun, the little one {but it said her real name} is turning one!”

photo 5



I used a great sugar cookie recipe I found on Pinterest to make these button cookies. I used a mason jar to cut the large circle, a baby food jar for the inner circle indent, and a drinking straw for the button holes. I’ll definitely use the cookie recipe again; they held their shape perfectly and tasted good too!


I printed buttons on computer paper and taped them to toothpicks for the funfetti cupcakes…


I made caramel kiss, M&M, and pretzel button candies. Tasted great, but looked a little messy since I picked caramel kisses rather than the normal kiss.




I made the “1” sign using a leftover piece of wood, spray-painted pink. I drew on a “1” and hot glued buttons. Eugene’s grandma Dottie donated tons of buttons to the birthday party cause. {She has an incredible stock of craft/sewing supplies!}


Another Pinterest idea – ice cubes made using a muffin tin with slices of lime…




More printed signs/labels I made using Publisher.



My favorite detail of the party was the garland. I used scrap fabric pieces and baker’s twine to make the top garland. I hot glued buttons to colored paperclips to hold the monthly chalk-board photos, and I used Dollar Tree plates to make the large buttons.


It was neat to see her growth from month one to twelve displayed at her party.




photo 4

I also sewed her a button-themed dress. Well, it was a dress when I made it a month ago, but the little one must have had a growth spurt because by the time of her party it was too short for a dress! I’ll have to post a separate blog on how I made it some other time.


I realize I’m super biased, but I really think she’s totally cute as a button. :)



She got some quality time with family & friends. Here’s the little one with her Great Grandma Goldie. {So much sweetness in one picture!}


She played with her cousin, Cate, and friends Griff & Brooks…


She thought it was hilarious to hear Eugene’s family sing their usual butchered version of “Happy Birthday!”


And she enjoyed her banana muffin birthday cupcake…


It was a fabulous time, and I’m so thankful for all my family & friends who helped and attended to celebrate the little one’s first year of life. {Wondrous thing overload!}


Taking down the photos was a little emotional for me {in a happy, humbled, overwhelmed with gratitude kind-of way.} I won’t lie, I may have shed a tear remembering how little she was and how much she has grown. God has blessed us incredibly.


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