Sunday, June 9, 2013

Installed butcher block countertop.

Okay, here’s a quick recap of the past three posts if you’ve missed something:

Next was the install. I wasn’t home for this part, but I know my neighbor/kitchen contractor used “L” brackets for the countertops and silicone seal for the faucet hole and the sink. Oh, and he commented on the sealer on the counters, saying they would make a great boat they’re sealed so well. :)

P.S. sorry the pictures are low quality. By the time I got home and able to take pics of the kitchen, it was getting dark outside so the photos are pretty dark too.




As I mentioned, I already love my sink! It’s an undermount, low divide stainless steel sink from MR Direct that I snagged for $188.89 with the drain baskets and shipping. The low divide makes it ridiculously easy to wash large pans and big items {like high chair trays.} ;)



My neighbor’s going to come back and fill in our cabinets where the stove is and also raise up the stove to countertop height.



So far I really like our faucet {bought it at Menards for under $50 if I remember correctly.}


It has two different pressure options and it pulls out to spray…


Next is our backsplash…yay!



  1. I am such a huge fan of butcher block counters. *Hopefully* whenever we can redo our kitchen, I would like to do butcher block. It's just I so warm. And with my affinity for painting every wood surface, It'll balance out my cabinetry once I paint the poor things. They're great cabinets. But I'm a white kind of person (love the white cabinets by the way!)

  2. That's too bad that you didn't have a long enough slab to continue to intersection. Were you unable to locate a longer piece? It looks like you were 6" shy.

  3. How has the general finishes brand sealer held up over the months/ years?

    1. Perfectly! Still working great and had zero issues. I would definitely go that route if I were to do it again. :)


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