Saturday, December 8, 2012

Starting solids.

Last Saturday, the little one started eating solids, and avocado was first on the list. I am making my own baby food for numerous reasons – it’s fresh, less expensive, doesn’t have preservatives, and is made of “real” fruit/vegetables. The avocados were simple, just half them, mash them with a fork, and add a little formula/breastmilk to thin them enough.



I learned a tip about avocados {I don’t eat them, so I haven’t ever worked with them before} – if you leave the pit in the mashed leftovers, they will stay green and fresh longer. I decided to bake a bunch at once to make life easier on me. I halved the squash, put them face down into a pan with about an inch of water. Then I baked them at 400 degrees for 40 minutes, or until they were soft and tender…


Butternut squash and acorn squash…


Once they baked and cooled, I spooned the goods out, placed them into my magic bullet and blended until smooth. I didn’t add any formula at this point because I knew I wanted to freeze the food.



I filled a couple ice cube trays with the veggies to freeze. I also learned a tip here, it’s better not to fill the trays this full and twist them when you’re trying to remove the frozen cubes ‘cause they tray will snap in two. {Noted.} ;)


The cubes are apparently about an ounce each, which makes it easy to tell how much the little one’s eating.


What a mess, especially when she tried to “zerbert”all the avocado out!

After a day or so, she really started to act like she enjoyed the avocados…


First day of squash was yesterday. She wasn’t so sure about it…


She cracks me up!


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