Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Six months

My sweet pea is half a year old now. In some ways, I can hardly believe that she is six months old already, but in others it seems like we welcomed her into this world forever ago.

six months-horz

I love this age! She is so full of life, and her personality is coming out more and more each day. She is sweet & silly, stubborn & snuggly. Her smiles are frequent and contagious, and everyone from family to strangers loves to say hi to our girl because she beams so big at them. She gets a kick out of pulling the pup’s hair, and {luckily} he loves her so much that he lets her. She always laughs at her pup playing and her cousin jumping.

She’s a cuddler {which I cherish}, but she’s definitely showing signs of separation anxiety. Some days, I can’t look away from her without her throwing a fit. And unfortunately, we’ve reverted to no longer sleeping through the night. She’s harder to get to sleep and she’s been waking up at 2 am to take a bottle & then back to sleep again. I’m not sure if she’s teething {no teeth showing still}, just hungry, or her stomach is still getting to the new veggies, but I’m open to any suggestions. {I feel like I’ve tried a bajillion different things, with no avail.}

Oh, and her hair is finally coming in with a thick white-blonde poof. No more reddish tint; this girl’s a blonde all the way! She’s still 90% in height {at least she gets something from her momma} at 27” and 75% in weight at 17 lbs.


Oh, thank you, God, for blessing me with six months with this beautiful, sweet gift.


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