Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Merry and bright.

It’s that time of year – glitter, lights, evergreens, family, giving. Here’s some of my instagrams, mainly my daily wondrous things…

insta tile

1. she’s been a bit stubborn and independent with her bottle lately {I can’t complain because she probably gets it from me.} 2. coffee, snickerdoodle cookies, balsam candle, and Jesus Calling. 3. weather in the upper 50s, warm enough to dry cloth diapers outside in December in Ohio. 4. My little helper decorating the tree {the lower limbs are totally decked out}. 5. Free Starbucks and my little one’s picture on my computer monitor. 6. My little one rooting for the winning team.

This little elf was such a good helper decorating my trees!


And the little one has surprisingly taken zero notice of the lights on the tree. Go figure.

aela tree

This picture makes my heart glad. Oh my, I love her smile.

aela tree2

So merry!


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