Friday, December 21, 2012

Her first visit with Santa.

My sister, Eugene, and I visited Santa Land with the little ones.


When we got there, the line was slow. We thought that by the time we reached the end of the long room, we’d see Santa, but we soon realized that the line was actually double that length. The little one took a bottle and a nap, all while waiting in the line! When we finally caught a glimpse of St. Nick, I couldn’t help but exclaim with joy, “He does exist!” ;)


I had to wake the little one up from her nap to see Santa, and I was afraid she’d scream her head off because of the sight of a stranger right after being asleep, but she did great. {She’s so chill.}

And her big cuz was so brave. She was very excited the entire time we waited, but when we were next in line to see him, she changed her mind and said that Santa was scary. And right when she got next to him, she said, “Mommy, I have to go potty.” Oh my! Luckily she was brave and sat on his lap, whispered her wish list to him and then quickly ran to the bathroom. {What a memory it would have been poor Kris Kringle had a wet lap!} I’m so proud of her facing her fears and sitting with Santa. She’s a great example for her little cuz.


It’s been so fun to see Christmas through a 6 month old’s eyes. Such delight & wonder!


Not a bad first visit to Santa – no tears and even a good picture to keep!


Merry Christmas to you! I pray you can see the holiday through a child’s eyes and with a child faith.


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