Thursday, October 3, 2013

New recipes.

I’ve tried a few new recipes this Fall. My neighbor gave me six fresh tomatoes, and I’m the only one who will eat a tomato {and only for a tomato sandwich every blue moon.} So they wouldn’t go to waste, I set out to try to make slow cooker marinara sauce from scratch. Pretty gutsy for me. Luckily, it turned out delicious! I couldn’t find a good recipe, so I just made it up as I went – sorry, no recipe to share.


I saw an easy slow-cooker applesauce recipe on instagram. It uses whole apples, peels and all, cinnamon, and water. No sugar! So healthy! I loved how it turned out…I had less apples, so I just used the ingredients, not the proportions suggested. The only thing I will consider changing is possibly using only half the apple peels next time. I used my food processor to blend the applesauce in hopes that the peel texture wouldn’t be noticeable, but I still noticed it. I love that the peels made it so healthy, but the little one would stop eating it if she tasted a piece of peel. Regardless of that, I will definitely be making this recipe again.




I also made this Pumpkin Bread recipe using my leftover homemade applesauce. Again, healthy option {minus the sugar this time.} The little one loved this recipe. It was a little on the gooey side – probably because it doesn’t have any oil in it, but it was still good. I added oatmeal on the top; liked it.


And along with the bread theme, I also tried a fabulous Zucchini Banana Bread recipe. I had just one zucchini, and I keep lots of extra bananas in my freezer, so I just searched the web for a recipe. I think this was the recipe I ended up using as my base {you know I always adjust recipes as I go!} I will also be making this recipe again…loved it. Toddler approved too!


I try to find recipes that are as healthy as possible, yet still work with ingredients I have on hand and are toddler accepted. This girl’s generally a good eater, but her palate is not very adventurous. {We’ll keep working on it. ;)}

image (3)

Oh, and how cute are these individual fruit parfaits? We made them for a church breakfast for 300 people. I think these would be perfect for a baby or wedding shower!

image_5 (3)

Not too much time for cooking these days, but I thought I’d try to share a few good recipes that I’ve tested lately. ;)


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