Wednesday, October 16, 2013


The little one has been showing a silly side lately. The picture below was sent to me one Monday while I was in the office working. That’s a rubber bracelet, in case you were wondering. She also has pretty much all her top teeth, but still just has the two front bottom teeth and two bottom molars. Silly girl.


This Sunday afternoon, my girl & I took advantage of some gorgeous weather. She’s been fighting a cold, but I think being outside did her some good. She was pretty “chill” at first…


Then decided to use me as her recliner…


Then the straight-up-sillies came out as we laid in the grass together. I love her little big personality.


As I mentioned. she’s been fighting some sort of cold bug recently. Great Goldie bought her a Snoopy stuffed animal, and that guy was her best bud for a few nights when she struggled to sleep.


She’s been snuggling lots lately, and she still sometimes sleeps with her eyes open, although not as much as when she was a newborn.


When she’s sick, it’s always forehead to forehead, her little arm under my neck, and her stuffy snoring in Momma’s ear. I hate when she’s sick, but I treasure the close times of comfort with her.


She perked up a bit when I gave her half of a pumpkin donut for the first time. She said, “Mmmmmm.” {Smart girl.}


Here’s hoping her we can kick the cold to the curb soon. I want more smiles from my silly girl!


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