Sunday, October 6, 2013

First haircut.

It was time. Her hair was borderline mullet. Yep, I said it. I love her to pieces, but she had two distinct layers in her hair so I finally bit the bullet and took her to get her first trim.

“Before” {wow, my “befores” are way different than they used to be!}


My hair dresser rocks. She is such a Godly woman – one I look up to for sure. She was awesome with the little one. Between the squirt bottle of water and the stickers I brought, it was smooth sailing {surprisingly} through her first haircut…


And the “after”…



After her haircut and a nap, I took her on a walk around my favorite local parks. For some reason, I just love the picture below.


No more almost-mullet!



A little rough picture of my girl & me, but oh well.


She absolutely loved walking on the trial. She was a trooper, climbing up some pretty decent sized hills. I was impressed!



With her new little bob, my little girl’s looking mighty cute & mighty grown up. It’s no coincidence; she is mighty.


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