Saturday, October 26, 2013

Madeline Costumes.

I think my sister and I may have set the bar too high with last year’s costumes…


This year I knew I had to work a ton and my sister works lots too {which leaves less time to create costumes}, so we didn’t quite achieve “chicken level” with this year’s costumes, but they turned out pretty cute.

I picked up some blue dresses from a thrift store, and my sister got some white Easter hats from JCP. We added some red ribbon, white tights, and yellow coloring for the hats, and we ended up with our version of Madeline.

Madeline Costume 18

P.S. if you try to make this costume – RIT dye will not work on the hats. I tried twice. I ended up using spray paint…not sure how kid-safe that is, but they only wore them for a really brief time since it was such a cold evening.

Madeline Costume 1b

These cousins absolutely love each other. Best friends, {just like their mommas.}

Madeline Costume 13

Madeline Costume 10

Madeline Costume 5

Madeline Costume 6

Madeline Costume 12

Madeline Costume 8

Madeline Costume 9

Madeline Costume 14

Madeline Costume 16

Madeline Costume 17

Madeline Costume 11

They crack me up. When they’re together, it’s nothing but smiles & giggles. {Wondrous thing for sure!} Happy Halloween to you - from our little Madelines! :)


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