Monday, November 4, 2013

Wilson family photos year two.

Last year, I took a few photos for the Wilson Family...


I was honored when they asked to do a repeat session this year. I don’t get to do many photos sessions lately with my work schedule. I’m not a professional photographer by any means, but I love taking pictures for friends outdoors. It was a real treat to get outside in the beautiful Fall weather with this family.

One year older, the boys were a bit more energetic, so I have quite a few silly outtakes with some hilarious expressions, but I think we managed to capture a few “normal” smiles from the bunch.




When Eugene saw the picture below, he told me the tree looked fake. It’s real – I promise. Pinterest has it wrong; God does the best ombre!

IMG_7772b 8x10



I love how much fun he had throwing the leaves!




We tried for a leaf pic with all three kiddos, but she was the only one cooperating. She was so content just hanging out on her belly!


The Wilson’s are actually adding to their family. I’m looking forward to seeing the changes from these photos to next year’s with a family of 6. :)

IMG_7806c 8x10



I figured this one would be appropriate to end with since it pretty much sums up life for us young parents. Kids running in every direction, and all we can do to keep sane is smile at each other and soak in the moment. I hope you enjoy your photos, Wilson family!


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