Friday, August 9, 2013

House tour: guest bedroom.

I started the virtual house tour a couple weeks ago before I went on vacation. I’m close to finishing it, so pardon the pause and jump back in with me. If you missed any earlier ones and want to catch up, you can see them here: little one’s room, master bedroom, living room, kitchen and dining room.

We have three bedrooms on the main level of the house. The third bedroom hasn’t really served a purpose yet, so I haven’t focused on making it pretty. Eugene’s family lives right down the street from us and my family is only about 20 minutes away, so we rarely have overnight guests. When we do, they usually are Eugene’s college buddies who prefer to crash on the couch after playing videogames or watching sports way late anyway. Right now, the room is a guest bedroom/my closet/office space. Perfectly clear, right?

To be fair, we have to start with what the room looked like when we moved in…


At first, Eugene & I used this room for ourselves, but we later moved. I can’t remember why, maybe for a bigger closet? I just loved this tri-paddle fan. {Sarcasm.}


Looking at the photo below makes me so happy we got new windows. So happy.



I haven’t shown this room on the blog in quite a while. Basically, I painted all trim white, painted the walls a cool light grey color, refinished a $5 dorm desk into a cute turquoise gem, added a new FOUR paddle fan, and threw in a twin bed, leftover rug and hope chest. Like I said, I haven’t paid much attention to this room. Nothing really matches, but it’s okay. It’ll probably become a playroom for the little one soon. And then maybe another nursery one day. {Lord willing.}


Don’t mind the random engagement frame leaning in the window.


I’m keeping it real here. That big cardboard thing next to the bed is the leftover Ikea butcherblock. I have plans for that baby someday. And yes, I stuff lots of stuff under the beds.




All that’s left is the bathroom, the outside, and basement; I think I’ll leave out the basement ‘cause it’s not pretty. ;)

This room needs some attention for sure, but I feel like it’s best for the budget if I just wait until we have a purpose for the room. If you haven’t figured out, we’re pretty low-budget and low-maintenance around here, so for now it works just fine!


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