Saturday, August 10, 2013

House tour: bathroom.

I’m wrapping up the virtual house tour. For the past posts, you can see them here: guest bedroom, little one’s room, master bedroom, living room, kitchen and dining room.

Our main bathroom is small, but it’s been through a mighty DIY transformation. Most of the projects are detailed in the bathroom reveal post; however, Eugene put in new flooring since then.

This room was bad, bad, bad when we moved in…

bathroom ceiling

bathroom vanity



And here’s the now…


I think I’m most proud of this room & the kitchen for transformations on a low budget. I painted the pink tile. Yes, painted, and it’s holding up marvelously! Still looks good as new! I spray painted the faucet, but that one’s not holding up quite as well. I’ll probably need to repaint soon due to some chipping. I sewed ruffle curtains and added a lengthening ruffle strip to the shower curtain. We had someone come in and fix the ceiling, and Eugene & his dad installed a new vent/light. {Still need to install one more light.}




Looks much better than the befores, huh! I have a few more projects up my sleeve for this room, but I’m super happy with its transformation.


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  1. So what paint did you use to pain the tile that its working good want to try also. Nd did u sand the tiles a little for the paint to stick, thank u


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