Saturday, August 3, 2013

Florida vacation–part two.

We were blessed to get to spend a week in Florida with our friends from college and their one-year-old girl. I blogged a bunch of photos from the first few days of the vacation here.

The girls’ favorite toy was a homemade cardboard “house.” Lots of peek-a-boo & shutting the door on each other…

box house 2

box house

We got a few more trips to the beach in…including one of JUST me & Rachel – mommies day out! {It was GLORIOUS! Wondrous thing for sure!} On one of the beach trips, both babies really wanted to eat an apple, and we only had one. They were all about sharing this week!




jordyn hat2

I don’t have much on my “bucket list,” but learning to surf is definitely on there. Rachel let me borrow her surf board and taught me some basics to try to get started. I didn’t realize how much you have to paddle with your arms into the wave to get momentum! I wouldn’t consider it crossed off my list yet since I didn’t get to stand up on the board, but it was really fun to try!


We had to take a picture of the mama’s & babies in our matching rash guard shirts…

mamas and babes

with mama walking

One evening we took the girls for a walk to feed some turtles. The little one got to borrow this super sweet tricycle. She was pumped!


Jordyn was pretty excited to go see the turtles too…

jordyn stroller2

They’re pointing at the turtles. So cute!

turtles eating4

Tossing bread to the turtles…

Jordyn turtles

The picture below is one of my favorite of the trip.

turtles eating2

She was so excited to see the turtles swimming!


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