Thursday, February 28, 2013

Puppy love.

The little one squeals with glee every time she sees the pup. She loves loves loves her puppy. When I ask her where the pup is, she looks right at him and beams a huge smile. She’s now scooting/crawling, and when she sees him on the other side of the room she bolts straight to him. Luckily, he likes her too.


Lately, she’s fascinated with his fluffy tail. She scoots to him, grabs his tail hair in her hand and just shakes it like a jump rope. The pup is so good with her; he lets her pull his tail for hours, even when he’s eating! I guess it’s a trade off for him. Now that she’s eating some finger food, he gets quite a bit more snacks. She feeds him purposely and she doesn’t quite have great aim when feeding herself, so inevitably the food ends up falling on the floor. He didn’t realize one was on his head here, but she thought it was pretty funny…


She also found it funny to have the bottle cap on her head as a hat…


And she’s all about pointing now. She loves to point to peoples pictures hanging on the refrigerator or wall. She especially likes to touch index fingers with people. I don’t know why, but it melts my heart when she does it…


She’s learned a few words in sign language. She signs “all done,” waves hi, and her first real sign/word she learned was: LIGHT. {I can’t help but to find this as a little wondrous thing. My girl already knows the Light. I pray she knows Him all her life.} When I ask her where the light is, she points up and then does the sign…


It’s crazy how much she’s developed just in the last couple weeks. I love my bright girl {pun intended.}


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