Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Eight months.

And somehow we’re already at 8 months old. The little one is quite a character now. She’s a snuggle bug, she’s stubborn, she’s loud, she’s sensitive, she’s happy, she’s oh so loveable.

8 months

The second any music comes on she begins her little bob ‘n sway dance move. She says mama & dada, and she is waving hello too. Oh, and just lately she’s obsessed with standing. She’ll even cry and scream until someone stands her up. Silly girl.



She does not like to wear shoes. Or, maybe she just likes kicking them off and playing with them more…




I also get this {below} a lot lately. I don’t know if she’s teething now, or just fighting some kind of sickness {or both}, but she wants to be held constantly…



She loves pat-a-cake and clapping.


She’s such a cute little Valentine!


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