Sunday, February 3, 2013

DIY crunchy baby toy.

The little one loves to crunch plastic cereal bags, her diaper wipe packages, and her red foil balloon {while being supervised carefully, of course.} More recently, she also loves using her index finger to find little screw holes in her toys, point my nostrils {cute, I know}, or loop my necklace on her finger. So I had a few minutes the other morning, and I decided sew her a quick toy in hopes that she’d like it, and being that it was covered in fabric, it’s much safer than the alternatives!

Simple enough – fabric, ribbon, balloon or cereal bag…


In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I made my fabric into two hearts. Right sides together, and pin on some pieces of ribbon (mine were around 2.5” long, folded in half.}


I made sure that my pins were on the outside so I didn’t sew over them by accident.


Then I pinned the two heart pieces together…


…sewed them together and left a gap for stuffing…



Flip it right side out, and stuff it. And here’s my stuffing – cereal bag and a foil balloon….


I stuffed my heart full {aww}, and sewed it shut…



And she liked it!



To be honest though, she really liked throwing more than crunching it. {Silly girl!}


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