Friday, February 1, 2013

Video Friday.

I have some funny videos {or at least they’re funny to me} to share for some Friday laughs.

This one was back around Christmas time. Eugene was reading bedtime stories, and for some reason, the little one just kept making fart noises!

This one’s from just this week. I was making the shocked noise when you breathe in quickly, almost like a backwards sigh, like when a car cuts in front of you {or is that just the noise I make?} I sound really weird on video, but oh well; her laughs are awesome, especially around 10 seconds when she just gets stuck on one sound  and 44 seconds where she does her infamous squeel…

This one is also older, and kind of long, and not very funny,but I want to save it in case she plays volleyball someday. Every time I give the little one her volleyball to play with, she just yells aggressively at it….

This girl’s so much fun!


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