Thursday, February 6, 2014

Some news worth sharing.

She has something to tell you…

big sister 8

big sister 1

big sister 3

big sister 2

She may not exactly understand what she’s celebrating, but in late August, I have no doubt the little one will be SO excited to meet her baby brother or sister. With 2 years and 2 months between them, I have a sneaking suspicion that have some very fun {and crazy} times are in our future!

12 week ultrasound_1

12 week ultrasound_3

How amazing is God that a tiny little babe, just the size of a lime can have individual finger bones, kicking legs, and even a humming heart that sounds like heaven. We’re feeling overwhelmed with blessings.

big sister 7

And just to leave you with a laugh, the little one grabbed my lens cap. I asked her if she could put it in her pocket, and this is what she did…

big sister 9

Like I said, I’m thinking we have lots more laughs to come with two!


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