Sunday, February 23, 2014

Date night.

We don’t do date night nearly enough. We’re homebodies, and we’re way too comfortable just staying at home watching Shark Tank on Friday nights. However, we actually went on a real date night last weekend!

Our church hosted a Sweetheart banquet for Valentines at a local golf course banquet room. And this, this, was the only purse I brought that night! No huge diaper bag with extra outfits just in cast, no lunch box, no work bag packed with a laptop and 10 event folders. Whew – it was liberating!

photo 1

Along with 199 other people, we had a fantastic lemon garlic chicken, beef tips, mashed potatoes, green beans, brownie a la mode dinner. Oh my, it was delicious.

photo 2b

We laughed all night with the other couples at our table. Meanwhile the little one was having an absolute blast playing in a “band” and creating new songs with her cousin.

photo 3 (3)

I didn’t think that I could love Eugene more than I did on our wedding day, walking down the aisle and watching his eyes well up with tears and his lips form the happiest smile. I’ve been amazed that I love him even more today. Watching him become a father – an amazing one at that - to the little one, seeing him make big sacrifices for the good of our family, experiencing the way he aims to lead our family with a heart for God…I love this man. {So much.}


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