Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas day.

The little one was so much fun this year for Christmas! Once she woke up, we read the Christmas story in Luke and also in her The Jesus Storybook Bible {we love that children’s Bible…highly recommend it!}. Her face in the photo below is classic. I think we were to the part about a baby being born; girl loves babies. ;)


After reading about our Greatest Gift and praying together, we let her go and experience stocking and all the other gifts. We don’t go real crazy on gifts in our little family. I read somewhere an idea of four gifts: something she wants, something she needs, something to wear, and something to read. I generally add on something for her faith too, but that’s about it. She has a ton of stuff, and she really doesn’t need anything so we just did five small gifts and kept it simple.


She loved the unwrapping better than the actual gifts…


She got a tambourine in her stocking. She likes dancing and clapping to David Crowder’s I Saw the Light, so a tambourine seemed like a perfect addition to our little dance parties. She liked it better as a bracelet!


After we finished opening gifts at our house, we headed back to my parents’ for more gifts & family time. She got a hat from her MommaSissy & immediately put it on herself…


She loved this little bee spinny-thing. She got a little help learning how to make it spin from her cousin…


After my parents’, we then went to Eugene’s grandparents. More unwrapping fun!


And finally, after his grandparents’ place, we wet to Eugene’s parents. They gave the little one Big Hugs Elmo. She loves saying “Elmo” {as pictured below}, but she was pretty scared of Elmo talking to her & moving at first. She’s pretty enamored with him now though.


Oh, and she also got this fantastic Radio Flyer 4-in-1 tricycle. She used one in Florida on our vacation and absolutely loved it, so when Papa brought it out she immediately tried to climb in for a ride!


We had a Christmas full of family, generosity, thanksgiving, and love. I’ve said it a million times here, but it’s so true: we’re so blessed.


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