Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year, same Friends.

We spent New Year’s Eve doing the same casual thing we always do – hanging out with our friends, Libby & Scott. The four of us have ended the year together for the past 10 years. It’s simple, predictable, and perfect.


The little one gets pumped when we go to their house because she gets to play with all their trucks and trains.



She also loves cuddling with the boys. Hugs for Brooks…


Rocks with Griff…


Loungin’ with Uncle Scott…


And stories from Auntie Lib….


We enjoyed tacos, the annual salsa & cream cheese dip, brownies, and laughs. Our wild New Year’s Eve night ended by 9pm because of bed times. Times have changed slightly over the last decade.


We’ve missed a year here and there for traveling or weather, and I think we missed last year because the little one was sick, but we’ve done a pretty darn good job sticking together. We are so blessed to have this set of friends to grow up with…and oh how our yearly photos have changed!


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