Wednesday, July 17, 2013

House tour: living room.

It’s been a while since I showed you house stuff…well, other than our recent kitchen remodel. When I had the house clean for the little one’s Cute as a Button birthday party {which is rare; Cleaning is not my gift!}, I took pictures of the house because I’ve done some small updates here & there without taking the time to blog them.

I think I’ll take a few days to do a virtual house tour and show you what our rooms look like now – starting with the living room. Here is what our living room looked like when we first moved in, blood red…

We painted the sparkly ceiling white

…and the walls winter wheat.

Added some hand-me-down, thrifted furniture to tide us over until we found something affordable and worth the purchase…

And completed quite a few more projects & purchases to get the room to today – ta da!


You can read details about my gallery wall here.


I explained how I made the DIY tissue paper flower & hanging glass nob vases here.


I made this colorful pom pom & button garland for the little one’s birthday party, and I just can’t bring myself to take it down. :)


And my painted $1 thrift store coffee table here.


I don’t think I shared this, but I painted all the wooden trim in the living room white one day a while back. I love how it turned out. The whole space seems cleaner and newer!




Remember my $10 Craigslist dresser find? Oh yeah.



I’d still like to refinish the floors darker one day. I’d also like to add some bold or more colorful throw pillows and refinish the fireplace area. Someday, but for now I’m perfectly content with the space. I love how far it’s come!

living room before and after 2

living room before and after

I especially like how much lighter and happier the room is now. :)


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