Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My life right now.

About three or four weeks ago, one of my two Event Coordinators who I manage took a new job, so I’ve had to rush like mad to find her replacement, do my job & hers during our busy time of the year {and baseball season.} That has translated into many more hours at work, lots of interviews and calls, and even at home I would spend hours working. Thus, my house/life reveals the aftermath.

This one photo pretty much sums up my life for the past month or two:


In case you can’t see it in detail, let me elaborate. I’m all about keeping it real here. I’ll break the photo down for you left to right. Three toys in the kitchen, plus boxes on the floor to entertain the little one. My scarf I wore to work last week still hasn’t made it to my closet, hanging on the kitchen chair is close, right? A big bag I brought up from the basement to carry all the stuff I take to the baseball games, but I haven’t remembered to use it yet. My laptop on the kitchen table, constantly emailing/IMing/managing. Open bag of chips out from Eugene’s snack last night. Bottles still packed in their bag from yesterday. Dog food & water bowels on the counter because some little baby really likes to try to eat the dog food and splash the water. Dishes in the sink, bottles and baby items drying on the counter. An unopened jar of salsa…no clue why/how this got here! Coffee pot partially put away. Baby food {quinoa} cooking on the stove with the potholder drawer half open. Pears on the counter waiting to be peeled, diced, and cooked for the little one. My lunch: cantaloupe out of a big bowl and a veggie chicken patty on a plate {because we’re out of bread} on the counter because I was eating standing up while emailing and cooking baby food. A jar of couscous because I accidentally bought that first instead of the quinoa. {Oops.} And lastly, rugs all whopper jawed because my little one thinks its fun throw them around the kitchen.

And that’s just my kitchen; can you imagine the rest of the house! ;)

I’ve been so busy just trying to keep up with life that I haven’t had time to blog anything…and so much is going on! Mainly, this…


The pic is blurry because as of about a week and a half ago SHE’S WALKING! Baby steps, mind you, but she’s moving on her own! Here’s a not-so-good video of it {I was the only one home, so it’s not the best vantage point, ha!}

I think the most she’s taken at a time is about 7 steps, and they’re pretty much running-fall style. Love it!



  1. Seriously...seriously... I am being serious.... who the heck cares about that top picture... Just Look at all that cuteness in the bottom 3... : )
    So a working mom, with a baby.. it can feel so overwhelming... some advice from someone who was there a long time ago... do what you absolutely have to, let the rest go & enjoy that sweet one... It will, sooner than you think, be a completely different story....
    And my goodness, isn't she the perfect mix of you & Eugene : ) Precious, precious...

  2. Kathy, you're so sweet! I appreciate the encouragement. I have been trying to enjoy life in my free time - the mess will still be there later! ;) You made me smile - thank you!


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