Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Eleven months.

The little one’s just a month away from being a one-year-old! Crazy, I tell you.

11 months-horz

It’s just incredible to look back to just a month ago and see how much she has changed. She now has two more teeth, walks on her own, and knows so much more. She can make/imitate faces, make the sound for a monkey & a dog. laugh socially {when everyone else laughs, so does she}, climb steps {and sit on the dishwasher door}, blow kisses, give hugs, and come on command. Oh, and she has started throwing tantrums when she doesn’t get her way…already. I know I’m biased, but I think she’s a smarty pants, and it’s been awesome to watch her mind develop.


She’s super curious – opening every door, drawer, and pocket she can find.


And the girl loves being outside, especially at daddy’s baseball team’s games.


She’ll get on her tippy toes when she’s excited or intrigued…


My niece gave the little one her amber teething necklace to wear for a while. It’s that sweet of her to share? It’s supposed to help calm them and sooth the pain from teething. {Fingers crossed that it helps.}


And she loves her pup. “Dog” is the third word she said, and it’s without a doubt her most used word. It sounds a little more like “Dah” but she says it every time she sees him, and she’ll bark back to him in this little high-pitched sound. {Adorable.}


I’d say about 50% of the time he loves her too, the other 50% he just tolerates her. ;)


Between the teething and her nasty cold this month, it’s been one of the more rough months, if I’m being honest. She’s been grumpy and not napping well. She’s getting independent, and she gets frustrated that she can’t do things on her own {like climb on a chair to sit on it or tell me that she wants down instead of up.} But with the challenges, it’s been awesome seeing the giant leaps she’s made this month with the walking and comprehending more.


Some of the ladies at church say that her hair is like a baby duckling. I pretty much agree. Love that fluff…


She has been such a sweet blessing to us the past 11 months.


On completely superficial note to end the post, I love the little baby girl rompers…seriously cuteness overload!


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