Monday, May 20, 2013

Instagram dump.

If you follow me on instagram, sorry for the duplicates. Here are some recent photos of our daily doings, most of which capture my daily wondrous thing…


Polka dots & more polka dots.

image (2)

Dinner outside with my girl. {Love.}

image_1 (2)

A late night cleaning session resulting in a picked up house – a rarity around here.


We were making silly faces at each other during dinner.

image_2 (2)

Apparently, her naps are my wondrous things often, ha. But seriously, she’s a real-life sleeping beauty.



She was a {messy} fan of the lasagna noodles this night.

image_3 (2)

Mother’s Day: my reason to celebrate & me.


And at Eugene’s last baseball game for this season…


I’ve read a lot of people saying that Instagram ate their blog. It’s true here to probably, but I still like to repost them every now and then just so I can keep it all together here to remember. I love looking back through my wondrous things in photos. {Joy.}


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