Friday, January 11, 2013

Seven months.

The little one is now seven months old. She’s changing extraordinarily each week. This month we made it through her first long sickness – yuck! She’s showing some spunk – yelling aggressively at her toys {mainly the volleyball}, and she pulls my hair like it’s her job! She’s showing some serious stranger anxiety; she hasn’t made it through the church nursery in probably four weeks without me being paged to come get her. Despite her fussiness there, she really is still my happy & chill baby that she’s always been. She’s smart and active, not a great napper, but a fantastic hugger.

seven months

Oh, and she said her first word: “Mama.” Well, mainly she cries “Mama” rather than saying it, but still, I think that counts!


She knows her name well, and laughs like crazy at her cousin {typical} or when mommy or daddy pretend they’re going to get her.


She is oh so inquisitive lately…


…and sweet {as always.}


She chews on everything despite the fact that she still has zero teeth in yet {although the amount of drool she’s had over the last 3 months would make you assume otherwise.} She especially likes to chew on the zippers to her coats…



Each day I love her deeper. Makes me appreciate how much God must love us, His children. It’s truly too great for me to comprehend. If I can love this little being whom I didn’t even really create, oh how much more must He must love us.


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