Saturday, October 20, 2012

Instagram unload.

It’s that time again – time for me to unload all my Instagram pics.

Here’s the {tall} little one. She’s 14 lbs 5 ozs at 4 months and 5 days {75 percentile in weight.} She’s 26” long {90% in height.} I guess although EVERYONE says how much she looks like her Daddy, she gets her height from me. ;)


The pup loves to sit at the door and stare outside. He will do this all day…


The weather’s been beatiful lately. Fall colors are definitely wondrous things…



Eugene was supposed to be putting the little one to sleep the other night. This is what I found…


Seems a little backwards, huh.

The feeling of having a baby fall asleep on you must feel something a little like heaven.


I was feeling crafty and DIY’ed the little one a felt Halloween-ish headband.


She’s such a cute punkin.


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  1. Hmmm now, I'm wondering if different Pedes offices use different charts, because I just took Jack for his 4 months and his weight was more, height less and he had different percentiles for both! Go figure!


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