Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Flower girls.

I shared pictures from the wedding, but I had a ton of flower girl pics still left to share. So, here ya go – a post full of mint tulle and blonde curls! ;)

flower girls11

The picture above is just the girls coloring while we waited for photos to begin. They were troopers the whole day; so proud of them!


Cate was much better at smiling for the camera than my little one. Cate looks angelic to me in the photo below!


With the beautiful bride…          

flower girls6

And this one was not staged. They just grabbed each other’s hand and went walking. {Love it.}

flower girls7-horz 

Oh, by the way, my sister & I made their tutu dresses using this tutorial, but we didn’t tie the tulle again for the waist. I just put the ribbon on them the day-of. The dresses turned out to be more see-through than I expected, mainly when the girls would twirl in them or sit down. I sewed some liner fabric {part of a ribbed tank top actually} and had her wear some white spandex shorts too. When they were in the ceremony, you couldn’t tell one bit, but once they got dancing you could definitely see the shorts/lining.

flower girls12

They made it down the aisle with no tears…and no shoes! {Their shoes gave them blisters.} I’ll take the trade of no shoes for two happy flower girls any day!

flower girls13

The rest of the pictures were taken after the ceremony.


Sisters. Cousins. Two sets of best friends.


This was towards the end of the night – what an ornery smile.


The girls loved sitting in the big picture window right behind the head table. By this point, I was really picking my battles, plus it was pretty cute to watch Eugene entertain them!



Once the DJ started playing some upbeat music, the little one got a whole new burst of energy. She was running around and dancing NONSTOP.



Both girls were dancing machines from the start of dinner until my sister and I pulled them off the dance floor to put on PJs.

I think it’s safe to say they had a blast. I love these little flower girls!


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