Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dillan and Kelsey’s wedding.

We spent last weekend celebrating the wedding of Eugene’s brother & now sister-in-law. Eugene was the best man, the little one & Cate were flower girls, and I had a reading in the ceremony; we were honored to play a part in their special day. I took lots of photos {especially of the flower girls}, so I’ll post another blog of mainly just flower girl shots later.

This shot’s a little blurry, but I still love it. Cate colored a picture for Kelsey, and the little one gave it to her. So precious…


I was so proud of our little flower girls! They made it down the aisle like pros!

flower girls12

I love it when the bride & groom save the “first look” until the walk down the aisle…


The weather for the ceremony was perfect, and the rain held off until just after cocktail hour…


Beautiful Aunties & cousins…

flower girls10

What a sharp looking bridal party!


The new Mr. & Mrs…


I know I’m partial, but I’ve also heard a TON of bridal party speeches {being an Event Coordinator and all}, but Eugene’s Best Man speech just might have been the best one I’ve ever heard. He did such an amazing job – talked about making a list of memories with your best friend, the challenge of being selfless in your marriage, and the ultimate example we have of selfless love in Christ, our groom. {So good.}


Kelsey’s dress looked just as beautiful inside at night with a flower crown as it did outside with the veil for the ceremony. Gorgeous…


I’m so happy we stole the newlyweds for a quick pic of the four of us…well five if you count my 8-month belly bump. ;)


Eugene’s sisters looked gorgeous too. I love these girls!


Caught a parent pic at the end of dinner… 


The girls LOVED dancing. That’s an understatement actually. They danced nonstop from dinner time until 9:30 – way past bedtime! I managed to grab a little family photo for our own too. And let me tell you, it wasn’t easy to tear the little one away from the dance floor!



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