Monday, January 6, 2014

Living room update.

Having a one and a half year old and a big dog aren’t easy on rugs. The last rug I had was too small for the room, and it also didn’t clean up well. The room’s changed just slightly since I first bought the rug.


The past year or more, we’ve gone rug-less in the living room, and I’ve been looking for the right rug {in my budget} for quite some time now. Libby & I took a girls trip to Garden Ridge in hopes to finally purchase a rug. The rug below was my first choice. It was close to an 8x10, but was only $100! After some considerations, the fact that it was low pile and the background was an almond color {shows dirt easily}, I decided to keep looking.

photo 1

I settled on a medium bluish grey rug that’s a high pile shag. Eugene loves soft comfy rugs, and he was the biggest proponent of getting a new rug so I thought he’d be a happy with my choice.

photo 2

I also brought home a nice soft shag rug and some fart {faux art.} ;) The blues, yellows, and greens in the canvas tie in the kitchen color scheme nicely.


So here are the rug and canvas in place…



This is the view from the dining area into the living room. On an unrelated note, we finally filled in the floor gap from when we had the half-wall removed. Next on the list – new kitchen flooring, or at the very least, a transition strip. I hadn’t planned on going with grey for a rug. I’m really not a grey girl – or a neutral girl, for that matter. Go figure, my living room is full of tans, whites, and now grey. I see some bright, bold throw pillows, maybe even a colorful bunting in the near future.


I like the soft yellow, blues, and greens make it slightly serene. Serene is always good for a full-time working Coordinator and also stay-at-home momma with a toddler. Yep, I’ll take all the serene I can get.


Here’s a close-up of the rug. It’s so soft and comfy. The pup is in heaven; he hated the slippery wood floor, so now he’s content as can be just snoozing on the rug.


I love that the art coordinates well with the River Reed green paint color from the kitchen. Even looks smooth with the plate wall.



I can’t decide if I want to hang the canvas or keep it leaning. If I hang it, I may remove my vinyl phrase. I also want to dream up some re-do plan for the fireplace hearth extension. Thoughts anyone? I still have some green mosaic glass tile leftover from our kitchen backsplash, but I think that might be a bit much.

My total came to $214.50, and I had a $100 visa gift card from a wedding I worked, $40 from a Christmas gift, and a 10% coupon so my out of pocket expense was only $53.05! Yay for a room upgrade well within my budget!

So, what do you think? Like my fart? ;)


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