Thursday, November 14, 2013

Encouraging Wednesdays.

It’s Thursday, I know. But yesterday was Wednesday, and it reminded me of a post I’ve been wanting to write for quite some time. Do you remember when I posted my kitchen update photos? Well there’s a print that wasn’t highlighted, but one that I absolutely love in my kitchen.


I forget how I came across, maybe Instagram, but every Wednesday the blogger posts a free printable verse. She calls it “Encouraging Wednesdays,” and I absolutely love it. The print hanging in my kitchen is hard to see from the photo above, but it can be found here, and she has a ton of beautiful prints to pick from. 4x6 prints are free, but she has larger sizes to download in her Etsy shop.


A few weeks ago, I posted this messy photo on my Instagram of one of my favorite verses lately,


and she made this beautiful art with the scripture…

I printed the free 4x6 & framed this one for my mom who keeps bees & harvests honey for a hobby. {Perfect.}

And when I saw this week’s that is perfect for my favorite holiday – Thanksgiving – I knew I had to share. How beautiful is this!

Oh, also, it may sound like it, but I wasn't paid to write this. I don’t know the blogger, but I just think her free prints are awesome & worthy of sharing with ya’ll. I hope you’ll head over to French Press Morning’s website and print some lovely prints to keep the truth on your heart {and around your house.} ;)

Completely random note to end with, but when I was pulling the kitchen photos from this summer, I saw this one.


Oh my, how cute are those little thighs!


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