Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Boot scootin’ baby.

The little one finally started becoming mobile about 5 weeks ago. She’s be in one spot and then I’d look over a minute later and she’d magically be in another. I think she just managed to sneakily scoot her way around inch by inch.


She’s also all about standing up now, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she starts walking soon; she loves it when one of us helps her stand & walk.


It took her a couple weeks to perfect her scoot-crawl thing, but she’s super quick at it! I made a video with a few clips of her crooked one-leg-in-front, one-leg-folded and dragging scoot-crawl thing. She reminds me of the hunchback of Notre Dame because her scoot is so lopsided, but I don’t think anything developmentally is wrong because she uses all four limbs to get around. The one sad leg she tucks under is constantly covered in a floor burn, but luckily she doesn’t seem to mind.

Her aunties have been calling her “Scooter” lately. Poor thing. I’m sure she’ll {hopefully} learn to crawl *correctly* eventually, but for now she’s rocking her own unique style of crawling.


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