Saturday, March 15, 2014

New favorite soup.

I tried a new recipe, well actually two. But one is definitely worth sharing. This Creamy Chicken Soup recipe on, is unlike any other soup I’ve made or tasted. It was SO good. I’ve actually made it twice in the past 3 weeks. My first batch I gave to Eugene’s family because they watched the little one during one of my late-night events. The second batch was for me, but I also shared some with my mom, grandma, and sister. The reviews were unanimously positive. Everyone loved it.

I followed the recipe pretty closely; however I made a few substitutions to better fit with what I had in my pantry. For instance, I boiled a whole chicken the first batch I made, along with making my own chicken stock. The second batch, I used the rotisserie chicken as it calls for, and both batches were delicious. I used Italian Seasoning instead of the Herbs of Provence. I also used shredded parmesan instead of gruyere cheese as the topping. SO good. {Did I already say that?}

If you’ve never boiled a whole chicken, this blog post on is really helpful. I usually hate to boil whole chickens because I get grossed out pulling the meat off the bone. This time around, I followed my mom’s advice of letting it boil until the meat started falling off the bones. This made it really easy to “pick” off the meat {and I could even use tongs to do most of it} which made it much less gross.

Creamy Chicken Soup_1

Creamy Chicken Soup_2

One chicken gave me a whole bowl of shredded meat and two large containers of stock/broth.

Creamy Chicken Soup_3

Unlike most of the soups I make, this recipe doesn’t require hours of boiling and cooking on the stove. This one {other than boiling the chicken} only takes about an hour or less.

Creamy Chicken Soup_6

I made some crusty French bread, but I didn’t love the recipe enough to share it. I like my Italian Herb Bread recipe much better.



Creamy Chicken Soup_5

This soup was super good reheated the next day too. The recipe says you can freeze it, but I didn’t have leftovers long enough to freeze. I will definitely make this recipe again, and probably double it to share again. :)



  1. Hey Caitlin, I'm not sure how I found your blog (Facebook??), but I enjoy reading. It surprised me today to see your reference to Carissa's Pretty Hungry blog...she and I graduated college together in the same program, and it is crazy to see this connection between my life here in Arkansas and my childhood in Ohio. One of those "small world" moments!
    -Rachel (Hickerson) Sandoval

  2. Rachel - thanks so much for writing a comment! How fun to hear yet another way we're all connected! If you're still in touch with Carissa, let her know I love the recipe. :) Hope all is well with you in Arkansas.


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