Sunday, March 30, 2014

Potty Training Gold.

So I’m a bit hesitant to post this out of fear of jinxing a good thing, but I feel like I’ve struck potty training gold. About 2 or 3 weeks ago, out of the blue, the little one decided she was ready to begin using the potty regularly…and she was good at it immediately!


Eugene & I have intentionally talked about the potty, let her have free access to the bathroom {as awkward as that can get}, and we even sat her on the toilet daily from a very very early age – like way before she could even understand what was going on! We’d just have her sit on the toilet before bath time every night. Every now and then for the past 4 months or so, she’s gone on the potty when I’ve asked her to or when she’s been in the mood, and it’s worked occasionally, but she never really wanted to do it on her own regularlyreguarly. Well, that is until a couple weeks ago when something just clicked!


Once I realized she decided that she was ready for it, I jumped on the bandwagon wholeheartedly. I’d remind her every hour, and when it’d been a while, I’d pester her every hour while being careful not to make it sound like she had to or it was a punishment. I didn’t use any sticker or food reward; I simply went absolutely nuts when she had a successful try. I’m talking clapping, jumping, dancing, singing personalized upbeat potty songs in celebration. She thought it was so funny and special to see me cheer like a crazy woman for her, I think that was motivation enough to keep going. So when I’d remind her that it was time to try to potty, I’d remind her also that I’d sing and dance and we’d clap together afterwards. This seemed to work well for us. Also, as weird as it may be, she really thought it was neat to dump the little potty into the toilet. So the celebration combined with dumping was just the fun she needed to keep forging ahead.


And, amazingly, there’s been no turning back. Even when she’s wearing a diaper, she will still tell me she needs to potty. I’d be as bold as to say that it’s seeming like she is completely “day” potty trained at 21 months. She hasn’t mastered naptime {although she’s doing pretty well with it}, and bedtime hasn’t been tackled yet. She will wake up at 1am sometimes yelling, “poppy!” but it’s usually a little too late. I’m in no rush for the bedtime training. I’m thinking that might just have to wait until she’s a little older and her bladder’s more developed. We’ll see though – she continually surprises me! {P.S. I think every toy we have has been on the potty at some point. It’s so cute to watch her sing and jump for her stuffed animals, pretending they’ve had a successful time with it!}


I’ve waited to post anything on this topic because a) it’s a little awkward and I want to respect her, and b) I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just a fluke, but I finally decided to post it because I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a development worthy of celebrating! {That is, without the awkward naked baby private parts or poo photos…I’ll pass on those.} I’m truly proud of her, and this newest phase certainly depicts her character – something I want to remember for sure. She is my little independent, joy-full, intelligent, confident one. I knew she would have to just decide to be potty trained; I just had no idea it’d be so soon and with such sudden success! I’m so proud of her little spirit!


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