Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Her true loves.

Yesterday, the little one got to enjoy lunch with her Dada in his classroom. Eugene’s been working crazy hours between coaching two teams and teaching. Since all that translates into less time he gets to be with the little one, I thought we’d stop by his school during the lunch break. I think it made his day, her day, and mine too.

school visit3

school visit

school visit2

school visit4

school visit5

Later that evening, she got some cuddle time with her other true love – her puppy. These two have a very special bond. These twelve cell photos show the progression of her affection, and let’s be honest, he loves every bit of it.


puppy love 1

puppy love 5

puppy love 3

puppy love 11

puppy love 6

puppy love 4

puppy love 8

puppy love 2

puppy love 10

puppy love 9

puppy love 12

And my personal favorite…

puppy love 7

This girl loves her Dada, and she loves her pup. And I love all three.


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