Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gym rat.

The little one’s always loved the gym. I guess she comes by it naturally with a momma who played college volleyball and a dada who played college baseball and now coaches every sport possible. Remember these gym pics from way back?




Well, she still loves being in the gym. She went from a little baby in an old high school gym {above} to a little girl in a new, shiny, high school gym {below.}


I’ve taken her to see my college volleyball’s team play twice now. She sits for two hours just watching in awe at the game. It’s her little heaven: balls, noise, clapping, music, and a crowd to wave to.


I couldn’t get her to look away from the team warming up to take a picture. This was as good as I could get…


The college mascot, Ezry, snapped the little one’s pic – too cute!


Here’s a quick clip of her in awe…

I won’t hide it; it makes me happy that she loves being in the gym as much as Eugene & I do! :)


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