Monday, April 1, 2013

Her first Easter.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, but Easter give me the best feeling. I get so pumped for Easter – the sadness and guilt of remembering Good Friday, the long silence and anticipation of Saturday, and the glorious answered promise of Sunday. The range in emotions connected to the full circle of God’s amazing grace for us. I love Easter.

photo 1

The little one enjoyed her first Easter as well. She loved her the maracas and plastic chew-book in her basket…




We donned our Easter pretties and headed to church…


She got in a good nap during our church service. Love that little belly peeking out…

photo 4

Then we went to two family gatherings…


I love how excited my niece looks. She had a blast hunting for eggs this year!


I was quite impressed at the little one’s egg hunting ability! ;)



Her eggs were filled with pennies and cheerios – how cute!


I love my family…


And I love my sister/best friend & my niece…


By the time we had her second egg hunt, she was a pro!

photo 3

My & the boy squeezed in a cell picture of just the two of us {the little one was in her car seat behind us, ha.} I am so blessed by him…

photo 2

And of course, we caught a family photo. This makes my heart want to explode with happiness.


So thankful for Easter this year & every year. My God is alive!


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